Besides my teaching activities detailed above, I have engaged in academic communication and dissemination activities with clinical practitioners, policy makers, the public and the scientific community.

I have given 58 invited talks for more than 9 000 participants. I have presented at large conferences for clinicians and practicians (such as the Nordic Public health conference, Schizofrenidagene, the Psychology Congress and at the National conference for community psychologists), to policy makers (including Stortinget’s Standing Committee on Health and Care Services, to the Norwegian Directorate of Health, and at several municipal county governor and council meetings; see the attached table detailing my dissemination activities).

I have published several reports in Norwegian [54–56] and a book-chapter in a Norwegian textbook that is now required reading for health nurse students [57]. In the Bergen Child Study research group, we routinely summarize and popularize results from our research articles which is then published in a digital brochure20. Several national policy documents and reports, such as the Government Strategy document for Children living in poverty21 refers to my research, and it was the foundation for the main focus of the Norwegian Psychology Association in 2016-201922.

I have collaborated with journalists and reporters on many dissemination projects and have been interviewed 16 times on national television and radio, and in newspaper articles. One of the most successful dissemination projects was “Historier om fattigdom [Stories of Poverty]”23, a series of articles published in the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende, read more than 1.3 million times and that won the “Most innovative contribution” Schibsted journalism award in 2019. I also wrote a chronicle as a contribution to this series [58].

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